Sunday, May 31, 2009

The doll


Here's my take on a BlaBla doll. It wasn't going to be a flower, it was going to be a cat. But when I finished it was so ugly I decided to stop and started on another doll. But when Kiera got here she loved it, so I finished it with the petals for the other doll.
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Sewing, knitting and Marley


Sew, Kiera needed a hat. Note the pun! Oh and of course it is Lime Green.
Knitting- I was going for a BlaBla doll 35-40 bucks and made up my own. I thought she was ugly but as you can see, Kiera loves her.
Carrie can put any baby to sleep.
And Marley loves my knitting. Ariann is moving along slowly. Too many things going on and being side tracked by knitting and sewing for someone else!
Today I was so spaced out, I left the house to grocery shop with 2 different earrings on-two completely different earrings. Ugh, either my eyes are going or...
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Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Kieras take on the day!


Sorry couldn't pass up sharing this!
This ones for you Norma, I knew you would really enjoy it!LOL
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Knitting and Sewing!

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Knitting! and sewing

There has been knitting. I have made another baby sweater, have started Ariann again out of cotton fleece and am sewing photo bags for my mom. I made her the yellow bag as a demo and I swear my mom could sell you anything. She was talking to two bikers in the parking lot of Starbucks where we met while I was leaving. I had to call her later and laugh at her.
I love Ravelry. I needed 3 more skeins of Cotton fleece and sure enough, there it was in someones stash. 3 days later it is in mine, and for a song. Gotta love it.
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