Saturday, November 17, 2007

Central Park Hoodie Finished!!!

Yes, that is right! I finished it. I love it and I have not taken it off all day. It is the perfect sweater for Vermont!
Size 40.5 a little big, but bigger is better.
Rowan Aran
9 balls?
3 needle bind off for shoulders and hood
JHB coconut from JoAnns

Okay so it will be mittens next for charity. Or maybe moms beret. Not sure.
I am thinking of Dickinson Pullover from IK Fall. For after Christmas knitting. I am craving socks.I just purchased the IK holiday issue, It has a few cute ankle socks-stocking stuffers?
So off to make stuffing, banana bread and pumkin bread for the Holidays.
Happy weekend!
Ann :)

Friday, November 16, 2007

Best damn breakfast ever!

This my friends is a home made Devil Dog. Some of you may know it as a Whoopie Pie. Ihave been making theses since I was 9. A neighbor shared the recipe and they have been a hit. I was craving them the other day and caved. Daughter #1 ate 6 the first day. The next morning I awoke to find 4. I had 2 for breakfast. Nope, not losing any weight here. BUt hey, I live in Vermont. We have to pack on the pounds for the winter.
On to the turkey.

This little guy was made about 13 years ago. I have 5 of them. My old house got flooded, yes in Vermont, (by a faulty toilet) and I lost all of my patterns in my sewing room. So I am asking, alright begging. DOes anyone have this pattern? I think it came from a Craft Basket magazine. My mother in law gave it to me years ago. I am entertaining for Thanksgiving and need to whip up 4 more. LOL.
So, please. fellow knitters, if you have seen this little fellow, share?!

On to the CPH! I cast on what I thought looked like an appropriate amount of stitches for the ribbing. Nope I finished it and it was way too tight. So I rrriiipppeed the sucker out and cast on 304 stitches just like the damn pattern says. I am on row 3. It will be done today. Pics tomorrow.
It is snowing!!! I hate snow, but I love the first snowfall. It is beautiful!
Have a great day-it's Friday!!!!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Central Park Hoodie is not a 4 letter word!

okay so the pic is not so hot. But what do expect at 5 am. I love it.I love the fit, I love the color. All of it. Now, do I put buttons, no buttons or a zipper like Daughter #3 says. Oh the delima .I have the perfect buttons. BUt It seems like I would be adding an extra 1 1/2. I like the way it fits now. Oh well. Off to St. Albans to bring Daughter #1 to Doctors.
Have a great day
Better pic tomorrow.

Friday, November 09, 2007

Sweater bags and the damn dog!

Okay so here is the pic I tried to send yesterday of the CPH body and hood. Ali loves the yarn! The pics are not cooperating. Its friday. You'll live!
About the dog!
Daughter #1 bought me this beautiful knitting bag 3-4 years ago in Boston. It was black. Had a little pocket for tape measure, etc. Well I left it out once and the dog ripped the pocket apart to get a candy wrapper. Yes, just the wrapper! Yesterday, DH called to tell me he was sorry! Sorry, about what? The damn dog had done it again. Only this time he ripped the entire bag apart. Guess what was inside? Yes, The CPH!!!!!! I almost died.It is fine. the bag,,,is not. He killed it. So, sigh, I will have to get a new one....what a bummer. No, really it is, because I loved it.
I got the fluff, I got the milk. I forgot the cocoa powder. No devil dogs for me. But there will be some this weekend. I have a wicked sweet tooth. We all do! So my goal for this weekend is to finish the sleeves of the dreaded CPH and find a pattern for some mitts. Maybe get a new winter coat as well. I hate winter. I am a beach person. I love the warm weather the sun on my face. Yeah, I am dreaming. SHoot me! I leave you with a silly pic from my birthday last year. It is my little sister, myself, Daughters #2, 3 and my neice. Have a great day!

Thursday, November 08, 2007


I finished the hood of the dreaded Central Park Hoodie! YAY! Instead of picking up the 300 something stitches for the ribbing, I opted for finishing the sleeves. I am really amazed I have not finished this sweater before. The sleeves were knit to within 3 inches of the armholes! I must have had something else to work on. Yeah, thats it....I just went to Knitty to learn how to mattress stitch. UHG, looks like fun, not.
Have you seen Normas mittens? They are so awesome. I googled and finally found a pattern for mittens in sock weight yarn. Broad Streets on Knitty look pretty good. I have some great yarn someone sent me for my knit mit swap kit last year. I was going to make some of those fancy norwegian mittens, but, these look easier! Besides, those mittens look great on really beautiful grey haired norwegian woman and kids. They would make me look like a clown. LOL, still, I may make a pair some day.
Another stupid toy recall! We own a few toy stores, and at this time of year, no one needs to be worried that their kid might die from their gift. Date rape drug found on a toy!!! Thank god we did not get this item, but how many more things will they find-hopefully before Christmas.
I know I said that I would post pics this weekend. But I am feeling generous.
So here are my CPH sleeves. Oh, and ALI. This is Daughter #1's second orphan kitty that she has generously donated to my house. He is very affectionate and DH loves him dearly.
I will leave you with my great pics and say "Good day!"
Ann :)

Wednesday, November 07, 2007


Well, as I said, I joined a few swaps at swapbot. I dropped one today. I am not a huge fan of a magic ball swap. A bunch of silly things wrapped in a ball of yarn. But the sock yarn swap, aaahh, that is something else. I joined, I recieived, and I am sending. I recieved a beautiful sock bag filled with candy. stitch markers and a skein of fuschia purpley smooshy sock yarn. YUMMY! Christine from girl interupted sent it to me. I will post pics on Saturday. Thanks Christine!
The dreaded cph- the hood will be done today and the 300 something ribbing stitches will be cast on. UGH. I will be so happy to finish this. It is getting hard because DH aka the channel master, gets up at 3:45 am and goes to bed at 8. So knitting time is scarce unless I have made dinner ahead of time. Last night it was lasagne, Yummy! so today there will be leftovers of mondays chicken francais or lasagne or cereal! there will be knitting, damn it!
I finished a sock bag for my swappee. I am going to the PO today to find out what shipping to London is.
Christmas people, it is too close. I have to make a beret for my mom. She loved the one I made last year-one in black please. I have to remember where I got the pattern online! Oh yeah the eskimo mitten site! Here it is.
I have to write these things down when I remember them- ya know I am getting old! Oh so my dad, the sweater recipient of last year- too big! will be getting socks. This will be a challenge since he is a big man. I am not sure that I have seen a sock pattern for big men. so I will have to surf for that as well. Daughter #1 mow-mulched the front lawn for me this weekend. I still have to do the back yard or the doggie dump as I call it. I even have special sneakers that do not come in the house-shit shoes! THey stay in the garage and I have to shake the spiders out of them every time I mow..
Well, I have to go to work and it looks too cold to go!!! I am going to pick up some things at work and bring them home so that I can work from home today. I am tired of being cooped up in a warehouse all day!!!
Oh and I feel like a devil dog. You know, the kind you see in the convenience store. THey are huge saucers filled with marshmallow goodness. I have a recipe. Will have to make some. Pics this weekend. I hate a post without pics!
Ann- it's only wednesday! SIgh!

Saturday, November 03, 2007


I have risen from the workforce!!! The warehouse is finally fully functional and I may have a life. I also got my invite to Ravelry. YAY!!! Okay, so there has been knitting, but unfortunately the frogpond will see it before you do. Yup, I am 7/8 done with my stupid choice of a 3/4 sleeved Ariann (great pattern) knit with cottonease. 3/4 was stupid as I live in Vermont. It is freakin cold and I just don't love it. So, I have riiipppped back my blocked fronts and back of the neglected CPH and am determined to have it finished by thanksgiving. The sleeves are almost done.I had to rip back to the start of the sleeves as I must have been thinking I was knitting a sweater for my dad-the armholes were HUGE. So Norma, here is my challenge-Can you get your CPH done in time for THanksgiving or beat me? She is a wicked fast knitter, that Norma.
The socks from the knit calendar-too small. It just wasn't the summer to knit for me at all.
I have actually joined a few swaps at swapbot. A sock swap my partner is from London. Ooh, I have never shipped to London before. I think the other was the Christmas ball wrap up. My oldest is home! cross all of your fingers and wish her luck. Daughter #2 is in Texas, at Baylor, and HATES it. She wants to come home. Daughter #3 was a police officer for halloween. I would include a pic but, but oh my, you would never believe that she was only 14.
SO, I will say ta ta and leave you with the thought of fall in Vermont. Leaves, people, more leaves than you can possibly imagine.Me, I don't rake, I wait for them to all fall off, then mow, mulch and smile! Then it will be time to hang the Christmas lights!
Off to Costcos-on a saturday!!!
Smile and knit plenty!