Tuesday, June 03, 2008

The Bitchy Yarn Shop Owner!

I hate the woman! Every time I go there-she is a bitch-every time. I have walked in and she has looked over to see me and not even said Hello.And if you live in the Essex area, you KNOW who I am talking about. Not the lovely gals over at Kyarns-THEY are sweethearts. No I mean YOU-Northeast Fiber Arts!
Today I went in to EXCHANGE a pair of Inox express I had purchased last week from HER. They sucked. They had gouges in them and looked and felt rough.She said she did not even remember me-Twice-she said it twice. The other pair I got at the same time did not. I did not keep my reciept because all needle sales are final. Well, people I own my won business and I know that if you have a defective item you CAN return it. So I did. What a F___ing bitch. She asked me if I had used them for a week and decided to return them. No you ass, they suck and I want another pair of the SAME needles. After finally offering me the ability to exchange them she says snottily (new word?) "that she will check them out first!"-Ha imagine her surprise when they all suck.Ha again. So she says that I can either chose one of these or wait for a new shipment. No way I grab a pair and walk out. I WILL NEVER< EVER EVER GO INTO HER SHOP AGAIN... I will order it online- I will surf Ebay- even If I have to pay more. Oh and Mr. Greenjeans is not my favorite sweater at the moment...
Thanks for letting me vent!