Sunday, January 21, 2007

Happy New Year!

So my KMSK has arrived from the lovely Shelley. She made me a beautiful sock type bag and included some blue and black cashsoft, needles a magnetic chart :) Dark chocolate (Mine, Mine Mine!) and a cute pattern. Thanks so much. Eve of was the recipient of my Kit. I did not take a pic so hopefully she will post one and I can steal it! I had fun making hers and had to stop myself from going too far. I joined 3 other swaps and can't wait to send those out as well. It is fun to share knitting with others. I have no one here to talk to about my knitting-kinda sucks! Thanks to all you bloggers-you are my friends!
I have been knitting up a ton for Christmas and gave it all away. I have only a pic of my youngest wearing, yes wearing a sweater I made. She is too cute. SHe wore it to school and no one believed that I made it. She said she would find a mistake and prove it-ha none! She was bewildered! I can not upload a picture tonite. I will try again later!
I have been making red scarves 2 so far for the Red Scarf Project. Fun Fur hats for the Boston Childrens Hospital. I am sick of my Central Park Hoodie. Back finished front started and am not loving it.........figures its for me! I also made 2 branching out scarves, 3 pairs of fingerless gloves, beret for mom, mittens for daughter #2, and hats and gloves for Cots. I am dying to knit up a pair of socks.
Good Night and thanks for reading!
PS Daughter #1 - no news is good news:(


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