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I can not figure this out this early. I was trying to put these pics in the other post, but hey more posts more pics. Everybodys happy. So, here is Aruba and yes it was beautiful. We stayed at the Renaissance Marina hotel and had an all inclusive package. We ate dinner at a delicious steak house called L G Smiths and I had a manicure and pedicure. And of course breakfast and lunch was included. It was perfect. We are already talking about going back.
And now that I am back and it is November- ugh, sigh already It is time to start my Christmas Knitting. I will be making my husband an afghan from lionbrand. Already have the yarn, um since last year. I ran out time...A shrug for daughter # 1, the pirate hat from Hello Yarn and leg warmers for daughter #3 and a scarf and gloves for daughter #2. And did I say it is November already. Yikes! I work my best under pressure. LOL I will keep projects posted. It is supposed to be 65 today- In Vermont. Time to rake the leaves.
Oh, lets talk about this for a minute. Raking the leaves. Every year people all over my neighbor hood rake their leaves up when the trees are still full of leaves. I sit there and marval at this extreme waste of time. Because, I am not going to rake mine or mulch mine-with the lawn mower- I hate to rake- until they are all down. I simply do not see the point of doing it more than once. Well, that was until last week when we got 3 inches of snow. Hmm should have raked. Did I say it will be 65 today? Ha, perfect mulching weather! So out will come my lawnmower for its last hurrah of the season. Yay, Fall!
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Blogger Grace said...

Hi Ann Grace here from loving comfort knits love your Aruba pictures
Here is the link for the sweater, I am starting another today also striped this time in bernet boucle like the one labeled Joanne's sweater in my Ravelry page
(needles54) if this Link doesn't work you can link to it thru Ravelry

Hope you are having a good day in chilly veermont!!

10:26 AM  
Blogger Grace said...

sorry for the spelling errors!

10:26 AM  

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