Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Organized! Are you kidding?


This is Heaven! Seriously, I am not an organized person, at all. Ask anyone who knows me. Nope, no way, not Ann. But, after weeks of searching for a certain sized needle, and playing on ravelry...I came across this. It is from the Bass Pro Shop. It is called a Worm Binder. It is called Heaven. Yes, I was having an orgasmic time organizing all of my knitting and crochet goodies. Some needles did not make it into the bag. Such as my wooden circulars-yuk. And my Boye needlemasters they have their own case. Well, so do the Denise needles but I use these. And I HATE looking for all of the tips. So there you have it. $16.00 delivered to my door with extra pages to boot. I never realized that had so many needles of the same size. I may have to sell some just to go to Rhinebeck with Norma! The hotel will be most of the expense...mmm stash sale. Yeah, sure, you all have the same idea.
Norma really looks good in those earrings! I will have to whip her up a special pair just for the occasion. LOL. I never need an occasion to make earrings.
Off to eat, not anything nearly as good as Norma, but hey, not everyone has a green ass, I mean green thumb! Hehehehehe
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Anonymous Norma said...

People have been asking if you have an Etsy shop for the earrings. I say go for it. Start building up the Rhinebeck fund now!

I didn't get my green ass to yoga tonight because I think I had my first.....GASP...hot flash??? Could it be? Noooooooo! Say it ain't so!

7:08 PM  
Anonymous Lynne said...

I saw someone else that used the worm binder! It's fabulous! I would want it just because it sounds cool to put your needles in a worm binder! Lovely new Namaste bag,too.

4:09 PM  

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