Saturday, March 10, 2007

I am back!

Okay, so I am really alive. Much has happened good and okay. So on the knitting news-okay. The damn CPH is still not finished and probably won't be anytime soon. Bored with it. Started a pair of socks in the Bahamas could not remember how to do a short row heel........aaaggghhh. Daughter #2 has been accepted to Baylor! She is tickled. We are happy for her, but wish we had not paid off our mortgage 2 years ago, duh! Daughter #1 has got a job! Hopefully it will last. She looks good and calls me often. My fingers are crossed daily!
I recived my sassy swap package and it was awesome. I will have to post pics of things later on. My scarf swap kit was great as well. I joined the SP10 and got accepted. I can not wait. We went on vacation in Feb to the Bahamas -Atlantis and to Orlando. My girls 13 and 17 faught most of the time. No more family vacations. Atlantis was nice but too busy for my taste. I will not go back, and it was very very expensive! We had dinner when we got to Orlando at Disneys Grand Floridian. Victoria and Alberts. It was superb! Expensive but worth every penny. My hubby treated me to not 1 , but 3 Dooney and Bourkes for my birthday, which he forgot! my girls each got one in the bahamas but he bought me 2 more at the Outlets. :) spoiled rotten!
My sister and neice came up from Connecticut for my birthday 2/11. We had a great time she stayed for the weekend. It was nice to see her. I usually see her 2 or 3 times a year. She is the baby of the family and I am the oldest. We get along fabulously!
I will post my SP10 answers next week along with pics. Thanks for stopping by. Oh and as far as knittting- I am up for a Clapotis-better late than never. Or maybe a fake a gamo. Who knows.
Later :)


Blogger Kelly said...

Hello...this is your Sassy Sock Swap partner! I am so glad you liked the package....I was reading in your you mean your birthday is 2/11....cuz that's my birthday!


8:24 PM  

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