Saturday, November 03, 2007


I have risen from the workforce!!! The warehouse is finally fully functional and I may have a life. I also got my invite to Ravelry. YAY!!! Okay, so there has been knitting, but unfortunately the frogpond will see it before you do. Yup, I am 7/8 done with my stupid choice of a 3/4 sleeved Ariann (great pattern) knit with cottonease. 3/4 was stupid as I live in Vermont. It is freakin cold and I just don't love it. So, I have riiipppped back my blocked fronts and back of the neglected CPH and am determined to have it finished by thanksgiving. The sleeves are almost done.I had to rip back to the start of the sleeves as I must have been thinking I was knitting a sweater for my dad-the armholes were HUGE. So Norma, here is my challenge-Can you get your CPH done in time for THanksgiving or beat me? She is a wicked fast knitter, that Norma.
The socks from the knit calendar-too small. It just wasn't the summer to knit for me at all.
I have actually joined a few swaps at swapbot. A sock swap my partner is from London. Ooh, I have never shipped to London before. I think the other was the Christmas ball wrap up. My oldest is home! cross all of your fingers and wish her luck. Daughter #2 is in Texas, at Baylor, and HATES it. She wants to come home. Daughter #3 was a police officer for halloween. I would include a pic but, but oh my, you would never believe that she was only 14.
SO, I will say ta ta and leave you with the thought of fall in Vermont. Leaves, people, more leaves than you can possibly imagine.Me, I don't rake, I wait for them to all fall off, then mow, mulch and smile! Then it will be time to hang the Christmas lights!
Off to Costcos-on a saturday!!!
Smile and knit plenty!


Blogger Norma said...

Well. We'll just see about this. Hee.

8:58 AM  
Blogger Marianne said...

Nice challenge... I do believe I heard the nickel drop.

Mercy, a child of Vermont in Texas(s).... hard to imagine, and I can certainly understand why she'd want to be home...

11:01 AM  
Anonymous Chris said...

Mow'n mulch is so much better than raking. Happy knitting!

12:49 PM  

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