Thursday, May 31, 2007

Patience is a virtue!

I was invited to join a swapbot swap. I joined I was impatient and kept whining about not hearing from my partner and today in my mailbox was the kit! Oh, I feel like such a boob!!NIna of Norway, please accept my apologies. I am such a putz!!!!!
Okay, so whats with the photos. Well, try to share your cameras, 3 of them, and the photo cards and the photo reader with your 2 girls-no it's not priceless it's a pain in the ass! They lost my 1 GB card and that is MY CARD!!! It has all of my knit kits, sp kits knitting, you get it- it's mine, MINE MINE MINE!!!!
Now I know why my mother would get so mad when her stuff was missing. They have tons of their own stuff-more than me. So now that I have finished bitching, I will go out and buy a big card and hide it with my new camera.
By the way, The photo is one of the "baby" kitty, Kim. She is the one Daughter number 1 brought home and I told her she had to go.She is almost 2!
I am supposed to post a pic of my current work in progress for SP10-So I started a pair of ankle socks from the Knitting a day calendar and just can not get the heel flap sock down at all. Dianne, can you help? Yours look so good!
Take care all.
It is summer in Vermont!!!!


Blogger Gramknits said...

I will try to help. Do you have the instructions that you are following? Email me and I will see what I can do. I do wish you lived closer. Been laid up with a kind of bum knee but getting back into things somewhat. I love the kitty. Chewie would like to play. Really, he likes cats. He likes everything!

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