Sunday, April 01, 2007

April Fools!

Today is my brothers birthday! He and I are one year apart. I am the oldest. I usually call him every year and play a joke. One year I called -as a bill collector, and told him we did not receive his credit card payment and I was going to take his house. He was so mad, he got his checkbook out and told me when and for how much he made his damn payment. It was hysterical! I have not called him yet-can;t think of anything sneaky!
I am going to Waco in 3 weeks to check out Daughter #2s college-Baylor! She is really excited that she got accepted. It was her first choice school.
SP10- I got my kit from my SP10. She made me a pink bunny washcloth, sent a bar of homemade soap, notebook, giftcards, 2 skiens of cotton fleece, and an older sweater knitting book. A lovely package!!!
I am sending out my SP10 box tomorrow. I have to get one more thing for it. I will take photos later.
Daughter #3 goes to Washington DC on Weds for a class trip of 4 days. She is so excited to go on her first real vacation without the family---she is such an old lady!!!!
Still knitting the socks, slowly. Made one for my sock blocker keychain. It is too cute!
Have a fun day!


Blogger Norma said...

Does that mean that today is YOUR birthday, too? You said you are one year apart....?

Congrats on daughter/Baylor. Hope you have a nice trip.

2:03 PM  
Blogger Gramknits said...

Pack your shorts and flip flops. I just got back and when the sun was out it was the old Texas hot even though it isn't summer yet. Have fun I bet your daughter will love it.

5:25 PM  

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