Friday, March 23, 2007

Favorite Knitting tool

Okay, it may not be a tool, but is has fast become my new obsession. Listening to audiobooks while I knit. I can knit and be in a whole other world-even when I am not on vacation! LOL. Seriously, I love it. If I am not listening to a book, then I am listening to music, not whining or screaming. It's wonderful! I have started a pair of socks, but after seeing many finished and beautiful Central Park Hoodies on Knit the CPH with us blog, I have been feeling guilty. But, with the start of our new warehouse and what I call my demotion, from doing only the books for our business,to now setting upthe warehouse, distributing and receiving inventory, still trying to do the books and keeping my house clean- I don't seem to have any energy to knit! Maybe this weekend. I have to start thinking about SP10. AAAGGGHHH!!!!and of course the age old, timeless request that every mother loves to hear--- "What's for dinner?"
Then when you tell them or make it, you hear, can I have cereal?
Why bother, seriously, why? I wish I could just make it and they wuold be grateful!
Okay, enough bitching, after all, it is FRIDAY!
Have a great weekend. Hopefully, the snow will all go away. I keep looking for Meisha-the geisha girl, to come running down the stairs every morning with me:(


Blogger TeAntae said...

Books on tape and podcasts are a wonderful way to listen to stories while knitting.

I'm posting here just in case you don't make it back to my blog: the pattern you liked is an exclusive design from one of my local yarn shops. It's called the Plentiful Pockets Tote and you can get it from the Clover Hill Yarn Shop (

Have fun!

11:20 PM  

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