Wednesday, November 07, 2007


Well, as I said, I joined a few swaps at swapbot. I dropped one today. I am not a huge fan of a magic ball swap. A bunch of silly things wrapped in a ball of yarn. But the sock yarn swap, aaahh, that is something else. I joined, I recieived, and I am sending. I recieved a beautiful sock bag filled with candy. stitch markers and a skein of fuschia purpley smooshy sock yarn. YUMMY! Christine from girl interupted sent it to me. I will post pics on Saturday. Thanks Christine!
The dreaded cph- the hood will be done today and the 300 something ribbing stitches will be cast on. UGH. I will be so happy to finish this. It is getting hard because DH aka the channel master, gets up at 3:45 am and goes to bed at 8. So knitting time is scarce unless I have made dinner ahead of time. Last night it was lasagne, Yummy! so today there will be leftovers of mondays chicken francais or lasagne or cereal! there will be knitting, damn it!
I finished a sock bag for my swappee. I am going to the PO today to find out what shipping to London is.
Christmas people, it is too close. I have to make a beret for my mom. She loved the one I made last year-one in black please. I have to remember where I got the pattern online! Oh yeah the eskimo mitten site! Here it is.
I have to write these things down when I remember them- ya know I am getting old! Oh so my dad, the sweater recipient of last year- too big! will be getting socks. This will be a challenge since he is a big man. I am not sure that I have seen a sock pattern for big men. so I will have to surf for that as well. Daughter #1 mow-mulched the front lawn for me this weekend. I still have to do the back yard or the doggie dump as I call it. I even have special sneakers that do not come in the house-shit shoes! THey stay in the garage and I have to shake the spiders out of them every time I mow..
Well, I have to go to work and it looks too cold to go!!! I am going to pick up some things at work and bring them home so that I can work from home today. I am tired of being cooped up in a warehouse all day!!!
Oh and I feel like a devil dog. You know, the kind you see in the convenience store. THey are huge saucers filled with marshmallow goodness. I have a recipe. Will have to make some. Pics this weekend. I hate a post without pics!
Ann- it's only wednesday! SIgh!


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