Friday, November 09, 2007

Sweater bags and the damn dog!

Okay so here is the pic I tried to send yesterday of the CPH body and hood. Ali loves the yarn! The pics are not cooperating. Its friday. You'll live!
About the dog!
Daughter #1 bought me this beautiful knitting bag 3-4 years ago in Boston. It was black. Had a little pocket for tape measure, etc. Well I left it out once and the dog ripped the pocket apart to get a candy wrapper. Yes, just the wrapper! Yesterday, DH called to tell me he was sorry! Sorry, about what? The damn dog had done it again. Only this time he ripped the entire bag apart. Guess what was inside? Yes, The CPH!!!!!! I almost died.It is fine. the bag,,,is not. He killed it. So, sigh, I will have to get a new one....what a bummer. No, really it is, because I loved it.
I got the fluff, I got the milk. I forgot the cocoa powder. No devil dogs for me. But there will be some this weekend. I have a wicked sweet tooth. We all do! So my goal for this weekend is to finish the sleeves of the dreaded CPH and find a pattern for some mitts. Maybe get a new winter coat as well. I hate winter. I am a beach person. I love the warm weather the sun on my face. Yeah, I am dreaming. SHoot me! I leave you with a silly pic from my birthday last year. It is my little sister, myself, Daughters #2, 3 and my neice. Have a great day!


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