Thursday, November 08, 2007


I finished the hood of the dreaded Central Park Hoodie! YAY! Instead of picking up the 300 something stitches for the ribbing, I opted for finishing the sleeves. I am really amazed I have not finished this sweater before. The sleeves were knit to within 3 inches of the armholes! I must have had something else to work on. Yeah, thats it....I just went to Knitty to learn how to mattress stitch. UHG, looks like fun, not.
Have you seen Normas mittens? They are so awesome. I googled and finally found a pattern for mittens in sock weight yarn. Broad Streets on Knitty look pretty good. I have some great yarn someone sent me for my knit mit swap kit last year. I was going to make some of those fancy norwegian mittens, but, these look easier! Besides, those mittens look great on really beautiful grey haired norwegian woman and kids. They would make me look like a clown. LOL, still, I may make a pair some day.
Another stupid toy recall! We own a few toy stores, and at this time of year, no one needs to be worried that their kid might die from their gift. Date rape drug found on a toy!!! Thank god we did not get this item, but how many more things will they find-hopefully before Christmas.
I know I said that I would post pics this weekend. But I am feeling generous.
So here are my CPH sleeves. Oh, and ALI. This is Daughter #1's second orphan kitty that she has generously donated to my house. He is very affectionate and DH loves him dearly.
I will leave you with my great pics and say "Good day!"
Ann :)


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Way to go with CPH!

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