Sunday, March 09, 2008

It's All Green!

Well, Not if you live in Vermont. The ice storm was just beautiful. It took down my cheap dog fence and Bubba got into the neighboors garage...they have a dog fence, electronic. I'm sure they were thrilled. The roads were nasty. So, I made jewelry.
I met up with Norma and gave her Abigails' earrings. She is so great. She brought me Chocolates, Yummy, Thanks Norma

The 3 earrings together are mother of pearl.I got a bunch of green because, after all, I am Irish. I have the temper to prove it. Ha Ha Ha.

I have had requests wondering if I would sell my jewelry. Yes, and I'm cheap, Just drop me a comment. I take requests. Reasonable ones.
Oh, and this lovely lady is my mom. Ruth. She is the best! Silly just like me! I get it from her, no doubt about it.

I believe we are peas in a pod. I love her new scarf. May have to find some Noro and make my own. I laughed when I saw she had started a new one, after all it is March. But hey after todays weather....She may be on to something! I have not been doing any knitting. We had some extra shelving at the warehouse and I have decided it would be perfect for my stash closet. SO I am going to reoranize before I start anything new.


Anonymous Norma said...

We are two GREEN peas in a pod! Love those earrings. Abigail is coming home again tonight - don't get me started! That poor kid is floundering. Ack! (we'll be at the train station in Essex at 9 p.m.)

Could you BELIEVE this weather? But today was glorious. Who can figure it out? XO

7:01 PM  
Blogger SamanthaLovee said...

Haha you nerd. Grandma looks so sily [= I love the top green earrings. Did you ever even show me those??? Because I don't remember.. hmm. Oh well. Norma seems really nice, I want to meet her in person XD

8:39 AM  

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